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This Owl Has Eyes Like the Starry Night Sky

A blind and injured Western Screech Owl was found on a front porch in Southern California one morning. To everyone’s amazement, he had surreal eyes that were like a beautiful starry night sky.


Classy Animals With Magnificent Mustaches

Enjoy this adorable collection of classy animals sporting magnificent mustaches. There’s no doubt about it — these mustachioed animals are the classiest in town.

Smiling Animals That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Do animals smile like us? If so, are their smiling facial expressions the result of emotion? One thing we can be sure of is that we are generally happier around animals. And not only is laughter contagious, so is smiling. So let’s put a smile on your face with these adorable photos of smiling animals.


Powerful Social Ads Promoting Animal Welfare

These powerful ad campaigns give a voice to the voiceless. They promote animal welfare in an effort to raise awareness about the suffering and appalling conditions faced by some animals.

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Heartwarming Animal Photos of Mothers Caring For Their Adorable Babies

The unconditional love between a mother and her baby is truly heartwarming. Whether they have fur, feathers or scales, these animal photos beautifully capture the essence of the motherly bond.

Funny Struggles Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Cats can be funny yet complex creatures. These images depict some of the good and bad experiences that only a cat owner would understand — from their ability to be lovable pets to their strange habits which often leave us puzzled.