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Magical Grimm Brothers-Inspired Photography of Fairytale Landscapes

The first volume of the classical German Grimm Brothers’ fairytales was dark and shows a very different side to the well-known tales that we all grew up with – from Rapunzel being impregnated by her prince, to the evil queen in Snow White being the princess’ biological mother. This dark essence has been creatively captured by German photographer Kilian Schönberger in a series of images of entrancing and mystical landscapes and buildings throughout Central Europe.


Turn Your World Upside Down With Reflection Photography

Reflection photography requires a vigilant eye, creative skills and a different perspective of our world to capture stunning images with natural artistic effects.


Playing with Clouds

Laying on the lush green grass staring up upon the clouds, what do you see? Is it a cow jumping over the moon? Or is a dragon blazing fire across the sky? What kind of picture can you paint with your mind?

Snowflake Magic

The Magic of Snowflakes Captured Using Macro Photography

There is something very special and even magical about snowflakes. From the way they gracefully fall through the air to their unique and beautiful crystalline structures. Photographer Alexey Kljatov has captured this magic by using a special macro photography technique.

Artist Turns Rooms Into Surreal Dreamscapes

Korean artist JeeYoung Lee takes interior decorating to the next level as she turns ordinary rooms into incredibly surreal dreamscapes seemingly from another world.

Deliciously Creative Food Art Ideas

When you feel the urge to get creative in the kitchen, these wonderful food art ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.