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Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your Home Not Only Cool But Fun

If you’re like most people, then at some point you’ve probably daydreamed about what your dream home would look like. Some of us want standard things like a swimming pool or home theatre, while others dream of things which are a little more out there…

treehouse-14 feature

Bring Out Your Inner Child With These Breathtaking Treehouses

Who says treehouses are just for kids? Some treehouses were built for recreational purposes, some for restaurants and one was even built by a bank robber and drug dealer.


Artist Uses Ashes of Your Dearly Departed to Create Works of Art

This artist infuses the essence of loved ones that have passed away into beautiful glass art to behold and treasure forever.


What Would Westeros From ‘Games of Thrones’ Look Like on Google Maps?

Ever wondered what Westeros and all its little towns, castles, mountains, forests and roads mapped out would look like on Google Maps? Thanks to Danny Selvag now you can.

Anti-Ads Bring Awareness To Qatar 2022 World Cup Human Rights Abuses

People from around the Internet are fighting to bring awareness to the human rights abuses taking place in Qatar by designing anti-ads which creatively twist the logos of the World Cup sponsors to paint a grim picture of the abuses happening there.