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Classy Animals With Magnificent Mustaches

Enjoy this adorable collection of classy animals sporting magnificent mustaches. There’s no doubt about it — these mustachioed animals are the classiest in town.


Kids Winning at Hide and Seek

“Eight, nine, ten… ready or not, here I come!” We have all played hide and seek at some point during our childhood, and were probably no better at it than these hide and seek champions. These kids have failed so adorably that we just can’t help but smile at them.

Funny Struggles Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Cats can be funny yet complex creatures. These images depict some of the good and bad experiences that only a cat owner would understand — from their ability to be lovable pets to their strange habits which often leave us puzzled.

Plants Have Explosive Reproductive Abilities Too! Meet the Squirting Cucumber

This unusual cucumber squirts an explosive stream of liquid into the air to spread its seed.


Arnold Pranks Fans as the Terminator…for Charity

Arnold Schwarzenegger had some fun with fans by posing as a wax Terminator statue and then walking through the streets of Hollywood.


25 Adorably Sad Animal Facts

These cute animal illustrations—presented in such an adorable way—each include a sad fact about the animal being featured.