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Snowflake Magic

The Magic of Snowflakes Captured Using Macro Photography

There is something very special and even magical about snowflakes. From the way they gracefully fall through the air to their unique and beautiful crystalline structures. Photographer Alexey Kljatov has captured this magic by using a special macro photography technique.


This Tree Grows More Than 40 Different Kinds of Fruit

It is rare to encounter a beautiful tree that bears over 40 different types of stone fruits. Professor Sam Van Aken from Syracuse University has used an ancient technique called “chip grafting” to achieve this wonder of nature.

Photograph of fossil diatoms collected in Pt. Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California, and arranged on a microscope slide in 1968 by A.L. Brigger.

Beautiful Microscopic Algae Art

These artistic arrangements of diatoms (a type of algae) viewed under a microscope are surprisingly beautiful. Who knew algae could look this good?


What a Drop of Seawater Magnified 25x Looks Like

Photographer David Littschwager has captured this incredible shot of a drop of seawater that has been magnified 25x, revealing an entire ecosystem of crab larvae, fish eggs, bacteria, zooplankton, worms and other various microflora.