Going Nuts for Cute Squirrels Playing in the Snow

Shhh, tell no one I took a bite.

Squirrels are known to be cheeky and playful. They live all over the world and you would have to escape to the North or South Pole to evade them. Talented Russian photographer Vadim Trunov has captured this cute and cheeky side of squirrels playing in the snow just outside the city of Voronezh in Russia. They are often depicted with their obsession for acorns and other nuts (such as in the movie Ice Age and here in these photos). One may wonder how their teeth manage to tolerate such constant hard foods. Interestingly, their four front teeth never stop growing.

Their bushy tails aren’t just there for cuteness, but are used to signal other squirrels of any signs of nearby danger. They are highly intelligent creatures and one of the more trusting animals in the wild that are sometimes even brave enough to eat out of your hands. Not only can they jump 10 times their body height, but can also learn from copying other animals (and most interestingly, even humans)! What can a squirrel learn from you?