7 Ways Animals Can Be Just Like Us

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#1 Dolphins Have Names

Just like us, dolphins have names for each other too. They have a unique whistle called a ‘signature whistle’ which they use to identify one another. They can use this whistle to announce their presence and communicate over long distances, sort of like a long distance phone call. This also comes in handy if they ever get separated from their pod.

A pod of dolphins swim together.

A pod of dolphins swim together.

#2 Infant Female Chimps Play With Dolls

Infant female chimps like to create dolls out of sticks and rocks. They care for these dolls just like a mother chimp cares for her young — carrying it around with them from tree to tree while cradling and cuddling it. This behavior is similar to that of human infants. Both seem to explore and replicate adult roles through socially learned behavior by symbolically playing with dolls. It seems humans are not alone when playing make-believe games and pretending a stick or doll is a baby.

An infant female chimp plays with a 'doll' she made.

Source Image: National Geographic

#3 Squirrels Selflessly Adopt Abandoned Baby Squirrels

A red squirrel baby who is in trouble will often be ‘adopted’ by other squirrel mums in a beautiful act of altruism. This behavior is quite different to that shown by other animals, who will sometimes go to great lengths to ensure that only their own genes are passed on — such as when a lion kills off a competing lion’s cubs. It turns out that squirrels are not only adorably cute but also have quite a compassionate parental instinct.

Squirrels Selflessly Adopt Abandoned Baby Squirrels

Image Source: Ode Magazine, Jeremy Mercer

#4 Sea Otters Hold Hands While Sleeping

Sea otters hold each other’s hands while sleeping so that they don’t drift apart. Sometimes they even use sea plants to wrap themselves together with, helping to prevent them from drifting apart. This tugs on our heartstrings and makes us reevaluate our own love lives as we have some serious snuggling-in-bed competition here!

Sea Otters Hold Hands While Sleeping

Image Source: Laurarob84

#5 Otters Keep a Pet Rock

If you ever had a pet rock as a child don’t feel bad — otters are guilty of this too! Otters have a skin flap under their forelegs which they use to store their favorite rock. They use this rock as a tool to hunt prey and open shells with.

#6 Rats Laugh When Tickled

Here comes the Tickle Monster! It turns out we aren’t the only animals that are ticklish — rats can laugh with us too! Rats lets out a high frequency vocalization during play and when being tickled which sounds like chirping, although we cannot hear it without special equipment. Like humans, certain areas are more ticklish than others.

Has this interesting fact found the laughter in you?

Rats Will Laugh When Tickled

Image Source: Tatiana Bulyonkova on Flickr

Rats Will Laugh When Tickled

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#7 Male Puppies Play Chivalrously and Gallantly With Females Puppies

In the puppy world, girls win play fights. Male puppies will often let a female win despite her smaller size or his physical advantage. They will sometimes even place themselves in a disadvantaged situation to entice a female to play more. Or perhaps they have learnt that playing is more important than winning itself.

This makes us wonder if it is really a dog-eat-dog world after all?

Male Puppies Play Chivalrously and Gallantly With Females Puppies