Kids Winning at Hide and Seek


“Eight, nine, ten… ready or not, here I come!” We have all played hide and seek at some point during our childhood, and were probably no better at it than these hide and seek champions in the photos below. Kids definitely make us laugh and smile at some of the things they do.

Hide and seek is not just a silly game. It helps kids physically develop stamina and aids them in muscle development. Their balance, coordination and agility will improve as they are challenged into getting into their chosen hiding spot. The game also provides kids with the opportunity to develop their social skills as they learn how to deal with conflict, take turns and play with others. This will help them later in life to become better team players.

Most kids are not sufficiently developed cognitively to consider another person’s perspective until around 7 years of age. Therefore, they are under the preconception that if they cannot see you, then you won’t be able to see them either.

These kids have failed so adorably that we just can’t help but smile at them.