Painted Resin Animal Sculptures So Highly-Detailed They Actually Look Real


Singaporean artist Keng Lye has an amazing imagination and a special talent for creating super-realistic animal sculptures using layers of resin and paint.

With great precision and patience, Keng gradually fills bowls, boxes and buckets by alternating between layers of acrylic paint and resin. Through this unique artistic process he is able to bring these aquatic animals to life.

Keng also sometimes uses physical pieces to enhance the realism of the sculptures — such as an egg shell for the turtle or a small pebble for the ranchu goldfish and octopus — which he paints to match the surrounding layers of acrylic and resin.

These sculptures appear so real that at first glance you could easily mistake them for the real thing!

Now sit back and enjoy this beautiful collection of artwork aptly named “Alive Without Breath” by Keng Lye.